The Turkish ports, marine agents, operators and ship owners are officially informed that vessels which have arrived from Crimea and its port will not be allowed in Turkey, and authorization bound for the ports of this region will not be given. New Regulation on the P&I Clubs and Insurance Companies which are recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication was approved on 30.05.2017.
7/24 - Emergency Phone Number: +90 538 272 12 73

We offer a wide variety of services to Protection and Indemnity Clubs, Marine Hull and Liability Insurers, owners, charterers, brokers and foreign law firms and we are presently and overwhelmingly listed as P&I Correspondent for the most of the existent P&I Clubs.

In addition to the above, we have got many local and foreign broker customers such as MArsh Global, Omni,

AON, P L Ferrari, GT&C, Tokio Marine Fire Insurance, Cap Marine, Metropol, Heinrich Elbracht, Post & Co, Elias Marine etc., which clearly proves our independency and extensive network.